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Check out our New Outfit – Super Sleeves Are Here

Honestly, we love our sleeve look. Particularly the vibrant colours of the rainbow. It’s such a funky outfit for our old school meals made cool.

After our scientific trials 😉 we can say with certainty that people can not walk past the range without looking at them when the full rainbow of 6 is displayed together. That's it, we bring joy before you even eat the food!

What we did realise though, is that people needed to be congratulated for their Vegan choice and recognised and given a demonstration for the actual impact it is having. With the first new sleeve design to hit shelves this month, you’ll notice that the Spinach & Pumpkin Lasagne, for example, has a cut and collect award for saving 5000 litres of water for being a Lasagne Hero by having that one Vegan meal as part of a Vegan day that week. Imagine the collection you could get by collecting them across the year?? We’d love to see communities, households, schools, businesses and organisations take this initiative on board and gather together all their tokens to come out with a measurable impact on the planet for their food choices.

There will be rewards for people who do this with gusto and show us their collection on Socials!

Another factor that often goes unnoticed is the size of our meals compared with others. So, we had a rethink and have clearly identified this point of difference via the sharing capacity of our 450g portions. You’ll also be able to see the nutritional information per 225g serve. Sharing food is fuel for the soul. One of our missions is to promote dining together as an important place to remember and recreate healthy eating habits. By adding some fresh salad or veggies as sides, our meals are easy shares for two or a very generous single serve.

We’re also keen to take this redesign opportunity to further another of our missions; which is to celebrate Veganism and influence conscious food choices for convenience to also select with a preference for nutritional quality, authentic flavour and stimulating visual presentation. There is a lovely picture of the meal now on the cover to really show it off and our very own Mila Arena so you can see exactly where this Vegan brain child came from.

As well as a little more clarity around the best ways to heat the meals, our made in New Zealand promise AND the welcome statement we really hope that you enjoy the new sleeves. Take a photo of them and share on social for a shout out! You never know…. there may just be a wee treat in a few orders coming up, if you do that for us to show how you’ve recognised the change and seen it for yourself.

Our Vision

To be New Zealand's favourite producer of best quality pre-prepared Vegan food that is conveniently accessible and shows devotion to respect for all living things

Our Values







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