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Meet Mila

Founder of V on Wheels, Head Chef & Veggie Enthusiast

Hola! I'm Mila, an Argentinean who accidentally created a business in a friend's kitchen back in 2016.

Although I grew up cooking with my mother and grandmother, my skills are largely self-taught. Before launching V on Wheels (originally named ‘On 2 Wheels’, as I used to deliver everything on my bike!) I spent years taking cooking lessons around the world, working in commercial kitchens, and experimenting with crazy recipes.

My love for cooking doesn’t end in the kitchen, though. It extends to the relationship with our health.

Our body knows what it needs, but sometimes we struggle to tune in and listen. This is why I created V on Wheels: to make it easy for people just like you to get through your busy week knowing your health is taken care of.

As much as I love to educate, I’m definitely not a preacher. I’m simply here to help you explore your options and live a more vibrant, adventurous, compassionate life - for the sake of the animals, the planet, and for your own wellbeing.

- Mila

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