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How Can We Make This Better?

Plant-based food has a considerably smaller impact on our planet. Start by changing your everyday habits :) When you choose vegan, every bite is getting us closer to a better planet.

How can YOU contribute? Let's start helping the planet by eating more plant-based foods. Let's say you are swapping that beef burger for a vegan burger, you are saving:

85 minutes of water in the shower
5 hours of a lamp light on
11 miles travelled by car

If you eat VEGAN three times a day, you are saving:

256 minutes of water in the shower
15 hours of a lamp light on
32 miles travelled by car

Producing animal products harms the planet

So here’s the deal: global food production – which is based on animal farming – uses up 1/3 of the earth's surface and emits more CO2 than all of the world's transportation combined. It's led by inefficient and abusive standards, not to mention the careless usage of water, land, and energy.

It is the main cause of deforestation, greenhouse gases, and practically every environmental destruction known to humans. If we want our planet to survive, we have to change the way our food is made.

When we remove the animal element, we’re not only helping them, but we’re removing all the bad bits of food production: water consumption, carbon footprint, pressure on land space & deforestation. That’s how we really can change the world. One delicious bite at a time.

How we contribute as a business?
  • We only use plants as ingredients for our V on Wheels meals

  • We use home-compostable and recyclable packaging

  • We are vegans ourselves

  • We are not preachers, but we love educating and helping others to find their food-truth.

Start today! get healthier, happier, spare the life of many living beings, and contribute to a less polluted planet for your children. So worth it!

Mila x
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