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Eco Packaging at its Best – Food For the Planet

Since its birth, V on Wheels has been obsessed with its packaging. Constantly reviewing and improving the services and materials used so that we continue to climb the ladder and be the best we possibly can in this area. Afterall, why make the best quality meals and then spoil them with plastics? No way josé!

· Did you know that our trays are home compostable?

· Did you know that we use the national leading eco logistics provider for delivery?

· Did you know that we use outer packing from the best eco strategy in New Zealand?

· And now, we’ve moved to cardboard sleeves that are also New Zealand sourced and supplied.

Our Meal Trays

Our Logistics Carrier

Our New Zealand owned carriers are committed to taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. Operating in a high emissions industry has its challenges however with long term planning, collaboration and attention to reduction of plastic satchels creates their “Absolute Focus on ‘circularity’ and the reduction of single-use virgin fossil-based plastics”.

Our Delivery Packaging

Our outer packaging comes from customised products and sustainable solutions that are continuously evolving. They’ve created cool-chain solutions that suit the environmentally conscious business and end-consumer, so all materials supplied by Thermogard are recyclable, reusable, or compostable, to ensure we provide a closed cycle solution.

Our Meal Sleeves

This is an improvement that we’ve made just last month. We found a locally sourced board called Formakote Spectre which is a multi layered coated kraftback paper board with one side uncoated and unbleached pulp. It has exceptional resistance, being specifically designed to withstand the demanding environments for freezers. The sleeve is FDA compliant for direct contact with dry, greasy and aqueous foods. It’s manufactured in New Zealand using pulp sourced from sustainable, well managed forests, Its also manufactured under the strict IS014001 Environmental Management Systems and available as FSC Certified.

Whilst that’s all pretty technical stuff, we need you to know that as Vegan passionate people, everything we do at V on Wheels is:

For the People

For the Animals

For the Planet

Sustainability and Eco awareness is as important to us as the meals themselves. It’s a costly business, being the best, however there are some things that we simply won’t compromise on. We will always stick to our standards and welcome any of your comments on how we can do better as new technologies and methods become available.

They are made with purpose.

It will not be compromised.

Promote Veganism and all its values.

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