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A Day In The Life: Mila Arena | Verve Magazine

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Hola! Mila here, founder of V on Wheels, NZ’s first vegan meal delivery service. Today I’ll share a day in the life of one happy Argentinian living in Aotearoa!

I used to spend so much time cooking, shopping, and delivering food to customers, but after four years of HARD work, the business has grown enough to allow more Mila-time. I’ve learnt to direct more energy into creativity, while enjoying lots more rest, or il dolce far niente – the art of doing nothing! Before sunrise: I’m such a morning-lover. My day starts without an alarm, and it’s seasonal, like my food. Living near the beach, I’m absolutely in love with morning sunrises, so in summer I’m a 5:30am early bird, and aim for 7am in winter. 8am: I sit at the desk, open that inbox, and spend at least 4-5 hours here. Some days I visit the stores where I stock my meals, others I go to check on cooking days at the factory where V on Wheels’ meals are produced. The social part of my business is where my heart is. I love connecting, collaborating, and interacting with strangers. And the nature of my job allows me to meet at least one new stranger every day! Lunchtime doesn’t have a specific time… just whenever I feel hungry. It could be as early as 10am, or as late as 2pm. What’s for lunch:

Unless I ‘office’ at a cafe, my meals at home are bowls. Bowls of lots of everything I have in the fridge: veggies, raw and cooked, tempeh, rice, beans, herbs, hummus, avocado, sprouts, seeds, and nuts.

Settling: After a meal it’s natural to feel relaxed. I’m all about intuition so I start slowing down work activity. Normally my couch becomes the afternoon office and my cat joins me for some cuddles as I select photos and videos for social media, schedule posts, and check what’s on the next day. 3-4pm: Time to move. Either a walk or run to Mount Maunganui summit. It’s been my go-to exercise for years. It’s my therapy, my time to disconnect, and be in nature. Winter, summer, rain, hail, or shine, I rarely miss a run. Late evening: Again, it all depends! I’m such an extrovert in summer but pretty introverted come winter. Warm evenings are social, with music, people, conversations. As it gets colder, I start going inwards, the soul demanding soup at the fireplace, with Netflix.

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