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Interview with Mila Arena

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

By Renee Davie, Graphic Design magazine assignment

First of all, Can you give a description about your career and what you do?

I’m a Graphic designer but I’ve been always into cooking. After I started traveling around the world I decided to work in hospitality to give my computer work a break and I ended up discovering I enjoy cooking more than designing.

How did V on Wheels come about? What inspired you to pursue it?

After a holiday, I started looking for a job and in the meantime, I was cooking for my friends and neighbors. Not long after I found myself cooking for a lot of people out of my social circle. Then, I decided to create an online store (which I could design myself) where everybody could have access to the weekly menu, check the photos of the meals (I love photography too), ingredients, ask questions, and order.

What does a workday in your life look like?

My day starts very early. 6 AM I’m up and running, doing admin work, marketing and Social Media posts. I’m normally the one who prepares orders to be picked up by the courier and I’m still helping out in the kitchen to check food quality, packing meals, and anything else that is needed. I really enjoy being in contact with customers and listening to people, so I try to make space in my day to connect with others.

What are the biggest challenges you have had to overcome?

Probably not having my family close is a big one. Finances were a big struggle too when I started the business. My budget was $300! So the process of growing was very slow. But I’m super grateful for that. The personal development is priceless and the joy of every little achievement makes me appreciate even more where I come from and where I am right now.

Is there something you wish you knew before starting your brand?

Let’s say that before V on Wheels I knew nothing about businesses! Ha. It’s been a lot of learning (daily), and getting myself into an unknown world. So enjoyable though! I honestly wouldn’t change anything. Still so much to learn and navigate.

What is the coolest thing to come from V on Wheels? What are you most proud of ?

The contribution to a better world is my biggest pride. I believe in education and freedom, not forcing people to follow my beliefs, but instead, giving the option to choose cruelty-free. The recognition for that, is even bigger. It’s feels good, and right.

Outside of your business, what do you like to do?

Even though I spend my days mainly working, I always make time to do things I love apart from cooking. I’m South American, so I enjoyed music and art a lot. I just bought a drum kit and I’m having a blast learning to play it. Maybe one day I’ll jump from the kitchen to a stage! :P

What is personally your favorite food?

As long as it’s colourful, I love everything! Salads, pasta, stews. All of them. I love traveling too, so I enjoy experimenting with recipes from other cultures. It’s fascinating.

What would your dream be if you won lotto?

My dream is to have my own animal sanctuary, and since I’m very good at manifesting my dreams, with or without lotto, that’s what’s next in my bucket list.

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