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Veggies don't bite: say hello to our New LunchBox

When it comes to plant-based lunches, we like to focus on mostly whole foods with a little treat thrown in. Anything that doesn’t include animal products (dairy, meat, eggs, honey) works if you want a vegan based lunch.

Good news: we have created a LunchBox for YOU or your KIDS without boring sandwiches! Healthy and tasty meals that you can eat cold or warm. Have some for lunch, have others for dinner. Here is what and how:

Our crazy awesome LunchBox includes:

Here some tips to help you to make the most out of your new favourite Meal Pack:

1) Our Jackfruit Burrito Bowl and Paella can be enjoyed as a cold dish or salad.

2) The Cottage Pie and Lasagne are tastier when warm, so if you don't have a microwave handy, keep them for dinner! After a long day, What can be better than having dinner ready to eat?

3) Bake the veggie bites and vegan mince pie before eating, and have them cold or warm (with chutney? why not?!)

4) And those granola bars, take them ANYWHERE with you. There are the perfect snack to eat at work/school/after gym/or at home while watching Netflix ;)

Ready to make your life easier, healthy and yummier? Get your pack here

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