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Leave the Ocean Alone


Who is Sea Shepherd?

Sea Shepherd is a non-profit conservation organisation that we LOVE! After watching Seaspiracy they became my heroes and this is why:

This brave group of humans take direct action against illegal activities that threaten the biodiversity of our seas. They work to safeguard our oceanic ecosystems and ensure their survival for future generations.

Sea Shepherd is made up of passionate volunteers from around the world that crew their ships to stop illegal fishing, confront poachers and remove ghostnets from the ocean. They also participate in land-based campaigns to clean up our beaches, and educate the public about Sea Shepherd’s mission.

Saturday January 25, 2014 – Melbourne, Australia — The Sea Shepherd Fleet has once again located the factory vessel of the Japanese whaling fleet, the Nisshin Maru, effectively suspending whale poaching operations in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

Why we support SS?

We believe that without collective change, no change matters. We support the work that Sea Shepherd is doing to protect the oceans, and fight for the wildlife within it. We hope this campaign will help to raise awareness, motivate people to become activists so they continue their work. This is our way to contribute and inspire our community to step up and take action so we can all do our part in protecting our oceans.

How can you get involved directly with SS?

Sign up as a Sea Shepherd volunteer

  • Join a beach clean up event in your area

  • Donate to their campaigns directly

  • Try a plant-based diet - there are many delicious protein alternatives that don’t destroy the oceans.

  • Demand traceability for your food to ensure that you’re not supporting Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported fishing.

  • Join the movement to end illegal fishing and get involved with Sea Shepherd’s work.

Vegan for the Ocean

Animal agriculture and overfishing are killing the ocean. That’s why SS ships are 100% vegan. Their talented galley chefs work tirelessly to provide three nutritious -- and delicious! -- vegan meals to the hungry crew during our direct-action campaigns protecting the ocean. It’s one of the hardest jobs on the ship, requiring constant creativity and ingenuity, especially on long campaigns at sea where fresh ingredients aren’t readily available.

Do you wanna see what's for dinner on board?

Everyone’s invited to join SS “Vegan for the Oceans” channel here

What campaigns are going on in NZ at the moment?

Operation Pahu: Hector's Dolphins (otherwise known as 'Pahu') are endemic to the coastal waters of New Zealand's South Island (Te Waipounamu). Current estimates put their population at around 9,000 dolphins, down from a former abundance of 50,000 in 1970.

With a population decline of more than 80% in less than 50 years, hector's dolphins are currently listed as an endangered species by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).

An inshore dolphin, hector's dolphins spend their time around the coast, and this proximity makes them vulnerable to human interference.

Through a combination of science, community engagement and civilian monitoring of fishing activity, Operation Pahu will make a stand for these dolphins, before it is too late. Read More


We are proud to say that Sea Shepherd is sponsoring V on Wheels #morethanadrop campaign, to give voice to this important issue and spread awareness. From the tiniest fish to the great whales, we will continue to promote and practice veganism as a way to protect vital oceanic eco-systems!

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