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Lazy Vegan Recipes

You'll love these Easy Vegan Recipes because they're quick, easy, perfect for a lazy day, cheap, kid-friendly, allergy-friendly and DELICIOUS!

Let's start with Breakfast:


If you're missing the savory goodness of a non-vegan breakfast, then might I recommend avocado toast? Here's my super lazy tip for people who don't like extra dishes. Just cut your avocado in half, remove the pit, use a butter knife to cube the avocado right in the shell, and then squeeze out the cubes directly onto your toast. Top with Vegan Parmesan and diced tomatoes. Yum!!


This is probably the most vegan meal of all time, and yet, so many non-vegans enjoy it! What I love about oatmeal, besides how warm and comforting it is, is how many ways you can serve and prepare it. On the stove, in the microwave, or even in your Instant Pot! My favorite toppings are Ceylon Cinnamon, ripe pears, and dried cranberries, but you can go wild and make it however you like!


I think a lot of new vegans are surprised to learn that you can make delicious vegan pancakes, waffles, or even crepes without eggs or cow milk. And you won't even taste the difference! Kind of makes you wonder why there are eggs in those recipes in the first place. I'm partial to this pancake recipe because it's quick, tasty, and requires no special ingredients.

vegan pancake
'The Vegan 8' best vegan pancake



For many years before I went vegan or even had it on my radar to do so, I used to eat this salad for lunch every day. And it was so simple: Mixed greens (I like spinach and romaine), black beans, corn kernels, diced tomatoes or bell peppers, diced red onion, half an avocado, cilantro, and olive oil. These days, I usually skip the olive oil in favor of a dollop of soy yogurt, but you can top it off however you like. Delicioso!

To veganize you favorite chicken salad recipe, simply substitute a can of rinsed and drained chickpeas for the chicken and vegan aioli or unsweetened yogurt for the mayo. I'm personally partial to this Curry Chickpea Salad Sandwich, but you can change it up to whatever style you like (Waldorf, Classic, Etc). Serve on bread, in a wrap, over lettuce, in lettuce cups, or even with crackers. There are so many delicious ways to eat this easy and delicious lunch classic!


When you're on the go and don't have time to sit and eat a big salad, a veggie wrap or sandwich is a super quick and super delicious lunch option. Just spread your hummuson the wrap or bread, pile on some lettuce or spinach and pre-chopped veggies (I always keep some in the fridge), and that's it. I also really enjoy the sweet and sour kick of my spicy pickled cabbage.

And dinner:

This one couldn't be easier. Just boil your pasta and saute red onions and cherry tomatoes. When the tomatoes start to get soft, mash them up with a potato masher and add a little water to deglaze and make a sauce. Garnish with fresh basil, balsamic glaze, and Vegan Parmesan. This is such an easy meal, you won't believe how flavorful and delicious it is! Click here for the full recipe.

There are all sorts of variations on the burrito bowl, but sometimes the simplest is best. This is a meal I make a few times a month, usually on nights when I'm lacking the motivation to do something more complicated. You just need 5 to 6 main ingredients and your favorite toppings. In 20 minutes you'll have a Chipotle-worthy bowl of goodness!

Any soup can be veganized by simply leaving out the meat and using a vegetable broth base. For a creamy soup, sub coconut milk or nutritional yeast. I love hearty potato soups on a cold winter night, so my go-to is this Vegan Potato Soup. Feel free to switch things up by adding broccoli, corn, spinach, kale, or whatever fresh or frozen veggies you have on hand.



If you don't like cooking or don't have time, but you love healthy vegan food, we are cooking for you: | We deliver New Zealand WiSe :)
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