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Calling all Entrepreneurs: We're ready for New Ownership!

I can't believe I'm saying this, but my 7 years old V ON WHEELS is for Sale. WHY? I'll share it with you:

It's been a while since I've showed up here and the reason is that I took some time off to slow down this business life of mine. It's been more that 7 years since I created V ON WHEELS, remember? It was 2016 when I started making vegan meals for my friends to make an income... I'm so proud of that little Mila back then, having no idea that I was starting the 'First Vegan Meal Delivery in New Zealand'.

It's been my most amazing journey! From making only ten meals a week at home, to manufacturing and stocking supermarkets. WHAT? Crazy.


The reality was that I wasn't making 'just vegan meals'. I was making real healthy vegan meals, without weird ingredients so everybody could eat them: adults, kids, the elder, the ones with vulnerable health, the meat lover. All of them.


V on Wheels was pure innovation and that put it on the spotlight. So incredible at a personal level… imagine the excitement of my old self, that backpacker girl from Argentina that was still struggling to speak English, seeing her face on the newspaper. Never in a million years would I have dreamt it.

It was A LOT going on for a solo-person running a business and when you love what you do -as I did- you push your boundaries way too much and you do more than you should. I'm sure most of business owners know what I mean!


I enjoyed the rush of my busy life for long time, but last year was a tough one at a personal level and I started feeling overwhelmed. I welcomed 2023 with a big burn out that forced me to stop, and I did.


Taking time to rest can be MAGIC because you can see clear, FEEL what you need and give it to yourself. This is what happened to me, I naturally started feeling like taking a different direction and align my life-work in a different way.


Some of you know I'm a Graphic Designer but I haven't professionally practised in almost a decade, but since I removed myself from the every-day-business-rush, now in a quieter place, I could hear my artistic side calling out. This chapter in the food industry has come to an end, and a new arty-life episode has started.

I'm a person who enjoys change and making big decisions, embracing the 'unknown', taking risks and seeing what happens. Like I did 12 years ago when I moved to New Zealand. Now, I've decided to embark on a new adventure in another beautiful island and keep enriching my life experience. But to move on I need to feel lighter and that's why I've taken my most important decision of letting go of my baby business. I'd love to find in the new owner someone who would be happy to keep spreading my message about compassion towards animals.


This business would be ideal for someone who loves healthy food and the freedom of running a business remotely if you wish so. As a traveller, I've shaped this online business in a way that would allow me to work while travelling. V ON WHEELS is based in Tauranga because I live here, but it can be moved and run from anywhere in NZ.


If you would like to invest in a HIGH VIBES business with huge potential to grow, get in touch! I'd love to hear from you. I'm open to ALL IDEAS!


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