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A message from Mila

Hola! Welcome to V on Wheels

Mila here. I’m no psychic, but I’m gonna take a few calculated guesses...

  • You’re busy. REALLY busy. And you want meal options that are convenient (who has time to cook every night!?)

  • You’re interested in vegan/plant-based food but haven't been too impressed by the bland options you’ve tried so far

  • Health is important. You know your body and mind are happier when you fuel them with good stuff, but the idea of a salad every night doesn’t tickle your pickle

Am I on the right track? If so, it’s because I’ve been there too. And this is why I created V on Wheels.


V on Wheels is all about plants - the kind that’ll have you dreaming of flavourful vegan goodness all day long. Even if your middle name is ‘medium rare’.


I guess I have my grandmother, Beatrice, to thank...

Growing up in Argentina, I’d always cook alongside her. She was into natural medicine and plants, and taught me a lot about natural remedies, nutrition and holistic living.

When I moved out of home, I started cooking for friends and their friends. I actually started an underground restaurant in my home living room - it was a bit illegal, but for a good cause as I managed to raise a few bucks for charity ;) This was my first introduction to cooking for a lot of people. I loved it.  Then in 2012, New Zealand started calling my name, so I bought a one-way ticket. Working in restaurants was fun, but when you’re self-taught, there’s always that ‘itch’ to explore your creativity... which can be hard to do when you’re working for someone else.

After a spontaneous trip to Bali a few years later, I came home with a clear vision of what I wanted to do - but sadly, no money! So I started small. I created a Facebook page and started delivering meals around my local neighbourhood (I wasn't lying when I said V on Wheels was originally named ‘On 2 Wheels’ - I used to deliver everything on my bike!).

Long story short, people seemed to love my meals. The rest is history! I’ve been vegan since I started V on Wheels in 2016, and I’ve made it my mission to put LIFE back into plant-based living ever since. I want you to feel excited - not daunted - by the idea of trying plant-based meals.  ‘Cause guess what? It’s not the plain, tasteless ‘rabbit food’ some people know it as. When done well, healthy vegan recipes can be 100% satisfying and delicious.

There are a few cherries on top, too. Like all those health, environmental and cruelty-free benefits. And let’s face it. Saving the planet feels amazing, right?

Got a burning question about our food, or how the ordering process works?  Check out our FAQs here, or reply directly to this email and I’ll get back to you ASAP. With all my foodie love, Mila

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