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No judgement here, we promise!

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

By Sian du Plessis, Health Coach

So you’ve watched a Netflix doco or joined a new gym and just like that, you feel the need to throw out your deep freeze and buy a fancy heart-rate monitor just like your gym buddy Janine’s. Stop! Following food and exercise trends can be expensive, confusing, confronting, and disappointing. What’s more, they can also take the fun and enjoyment out of the wonder that is food.

Imagine for a moment you are at the supermarket and for a change you are going to skip the butchers section. You spend far more time in the fruit and veggie section and you take your time to search out legumes and other protein alternatives you would otherwise walk straight past on a regular robotic weekly shop. You get to the check out and you’ve ended up with more fruits, vegetables, and wholegrains in your trolley than you’ve ever had before. You feel proud yet nervous at the thought of creating meals with all these wonderful colours you see lay before you.

It is not news to any follower or customer of ours that we love plants and know how to serve them up in a variety of creative ways! That is what Mila loves most about her job! Getting to deliver people meals that mean people will be eating glorious, colourful, powerful, vibrant, luscious, delicious plants is extremely rewarding, but you’d be wrong if you thought all of our clientele were vegans! Yes that’s right, if you are not a vegan you are still welcome here and your latest supermarket shop is something we encourage but would never force.

At V on Wheels we don’t look at veganism as a diet, because it’s a way of life. Being plant based encourages you to eat more fresh food, less processed food, more sustainably and locally sourced food, and quite simply just more plants. That being said, we would never dream of preaching to those who do not ask or who are not interested in a conversation and if one chooses to eat otherwise alongside our nutritious V on Wheels meals, you will not find judgement here, we promise!

So, if you are considering an overhaul in the way you eat, we invite you to revisit your intentions. Slow down and pay attention to the way your body is reacting to the changes. Make sure there is colour in your diet. The more rainbow the better! Go back to your childhood and try those vegetables again that you think you don’t like. Try cooking your food a different way. Try ordering something vegetarian or vegan from the menu in front of you next and remember to be kind to yourself, because rebellion is real, especially when intentions run shallow. All of these small steps will be a monumental step in a sustainable direction.

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