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The new diet

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

You know what’s the new diet? Its called EAT. Eat normal, like a human being, not like a calculator. Unless you are an athlete, Why would you stress about numbers? Food is just food. Food is your fuel, like water, air, love, friends, goals.

Not everyone is the same. A same diet might not be right for two people, because your organism is unique. The moment you are going through right now is unique, so the fuel you need for this moment is unique too. Some foods are amazing for some people, and not that good for others. Just following a balanced plant based diet gives more energy to the body than a omnivorous one, because the simply fact that digesting plants its easier and faster than meat. Therefore, the body uses that extra energy to heal, lose extra weight, get in balanced, cleanse, detox.

You body is like a 3 year old child: the more you say “No! don’t do this, don’t eat that”, the more it wants it. Eat what makes YOU feel good. What it feels right for your body, mind, principles. What makes your skin glow. Eat colourful and fresh. Eat slowly, paused, and feel when your stomach is getting full, stop. Give time to your brain to realise you had enough food. Relax to digest comfortably. Feel it. Your body is talking, just listen to it. It is talking through physical discomfort, pimples, headache, fatigue, rushes, overweight, a sty, aphtas, fungus, fever, dry skin, hair loss, body odour, irritability, cough, allergies… We can prevent so much illness if we would just listen.

So, because I don’t believe in turning food into numbers, I created DetoxBox. A different meal plan with 5 breakfast smoothies + 5 different dishes every week. You can add more food to your day if you feel like it and feel fantastic, or eat just these and feel fantastic too. Your choice. My meals are here to help you so you have more time for yourself but making sure you are eating nutritional food, without preservatives, made with my own two hands, not machines involved! ;) My meals are colourful, rich, filling, hearty, crunchy, creamy, soft, tender, al dente, varied! so you can actually ENJOY your food like its meant to be enjoyed

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