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​For me, veganism is about compassion, Not only for the animals, but for the environment, the human population, my loved ones, and myself.

There are a multitude of benefits to a vegan lifestyle:

  • our health is improved

  • animals are saved

  • global warming is slowed

  • water quality is improved

  • world hunger is lessened

  • peace is promoted

  • rainforest destruction is slowed

  • wildlife is protected

  • compassion and love become the centre of your life

Unfortunately, much of the public view of veganism is focused on the negative sides of the movement. I don't engage in these actions, and would encourage you to stay away from them as well! Every movement has members who take it to an extreme and hurt the movement as a whole, but they are not representative of the other members or core message!

Veganism is NOT...

  • being hateful

  • condemning those who are in a different stage of their journey (meat free mondays, vegetarians, etc.)

  • taking it personally when others eat or talk about animal products

  • trying to force others to go vegan rather than educating and helping them.'


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