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Value Pack 16 meals + 3 cakes

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We’ve got the meal inspiration sorted for you with classic dishes that all your friends and family will love. Give yourself the night off once in a while with prepared nutrition and flavour right from the fridge or the freezer. Let us cook for you! More than that, we’ll give you packaging you’ll love to go through the ingredients list on, and show your kids what goes into quality and nutritious plant food in easy convenience.

Our Value Pack includes 16 meals + 3 sweet healthy treats:

  • 4x Spinach Lasagne
  • 8x Mushroom& Olives Paella
  • 4x Yellow Pea Dahl
  • 3x sweet healthy treats (vegan cakes or musli bars)

Macros & Ingredients of meal's pack:

Please note: once meals are delivered, they will not be refunded or replaced. All items purchased from V ON WHEELS are made pursuant to a shipment contract. The risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier. V ON WHEELS cannot guarantee the condition of frozen meals delivered. Please understand that these are ordered at your own risk.

THURSDAY DELIVERY. Order Cutoff: Wednesday 12 PM

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